World Missionary Press is an interdenominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in more than 345 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 8,000,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 59+ years of ministry we have sent literature by request into 210 countries and islands of the world.

A roll of paper can produce 80,000 Scripture booklets at a cost of $1,080. Every donated dollar on average can reach more than 20 people anywhere in the world with the life-saving, life-changing Gospel!

"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray....

​Kimberly  Ann 




Feed The Hungry is dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry around the world, empowering the church worldwide, and sharing the hope that comes through Jesus Christ.


​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

We pray this morning in FAITH... for the precious missionaries in Haiti! Father God... Protect, Strengthen, Undergird, Surround with Your Mighty Shield of Power... In Jesus Name!
Father... we pray for the minds of our CHILDREN right now, in Jesus Name! Abba Father....bring discernment, and awareness to the things of YOUR SPIRIT around them! Lord, saturate, cover, surround and PROTECT THEM in the Name of Your Son, Jesus!
We pray Your mighty Holy Spirit would GUIDE your children as they walk the halls of the schools, and interact with those who dont know You, and as they are challenged by standards, or influences that are not OF You.
Father... we as ONE BODY of Christ stand strong ... for this present and next generation!
Father God... RAISE UP YOUR CHOICE of specific people, placed in the very positions You have before the Foundation of this World... "expected"..... FOR THEM to serve, and effect, and make change, and accomplish Your Will IN .... in THIS Universe for the Good and Glory of Your Name...
Halleluia... Father-- we speak LIFE and HEALING right now into those who are hurting. Those who have experienced great LOSS that HUMANLY is too much to bear.;those who are in pain in any way; those confused by the deceptions of this world; those who are in despair and feel dejected.... ABBA FATHER--- we BIND SATAN in the spirit! We DECLARE his plots, tricks and plans to be of NONE EFFECT! We proclaim that the VERY net He fashioned for us.... HE HIMSELF would fall into and be trapped.
Lord... send Mighty and Faithful Messengers right now... to speak into the lives of those who DO NOT have the spiritual authority WE are exercising right now.... because?-- they do NOT have a relationship with You! We PRAY for all situations to be orchestrated TODAY in the lives of the lost--- that AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... they would "encounter"... you.
Our hearts ache for the lies, fear, dejection and confusion that satan has the lost wrapped up in and trapped in..
BUT GOD..... YOU are The Great Way Maker. You ARE Salvation. You ARE Deliverance. You ARE Truth. You ARE the only GOD.
Thank You... for Making the Way to be right with You through Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary for us.
Thank You for Your Precious Holy Spirit on today, Who IS all Wisdom, Understanding, Guidance and Discernment.
We look to You today for Direction..
We are ABOVE and NOT beneath. The HEAD and NOT the tail.
Healed from head to toe.. and ready to go into the day with POWER and Authority and VICTORY.
We are QUICK TO GIVE YOU ALL the Praise and Honor, Father God... for it all... IN Jesus Name, amen.
Love you all
Sis Kim:)