Father God.... Bless your people with strength, wisdom, discernment and favor.
Thank You for the Privilege of being YOURS. We wait on You. We attend To You. We look to You. Our ears are open to what You would instruct us concerning.... minute-by-minute God. Moment-by-moment.
Our plans... are all in Your Hands. Our times... are in Your Hands (Psalm 31:15)
Before we take a step, we have looked to You first... to see what You have approved; what You have said; how You have instructed; and the way in which we should go.
We Praise You. Provider. Instructor. Wisdom Giver. Master.
You are our Peace in any kind of day. You order UP our thoughts when we KEEP our minds "stayed" on You! (Isa. 26:3)
Our foot shall NOT stumble in the way. Our thoughts shall NOT be confused. Our spirits will NOT be heavy with dread or uncertainly.
Surely... YOU and YOU ALONE have strengthened us in ALL of our times of need.
Father... We thank You and Love you.
We Worship and Adore You.
Your Presence is KEEPING us and GUIDING us... ALL the day long.
All plans of the enemy; each dart dipped in poison,  poised in his bow?---- BROKEN right NOW... in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.
We are healed. We are delivered. We.... are Strong and Focused today.
Cover Your people. Put words in the mouths of those witnessing today. Refine as gold in the Refiners Fire. Purify... right now.
Ready US, to bring a right Word in season to those who need to hear... YOU.
Its in Jesus Name we pray and believe it .
(LOVE you all... Sis Kim)


World Missionary Press is an interdenominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in more than 345 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 8,000,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 59+ years of ministry we have sent literature by request into 210 countries and islands of the world.

A roll of paper can produce 80,000 Scripture booklets at a cost of $1,080. Every donated dollar on average can reach more than 20 people anywhere in the world with the life-saving, life-changing Gospel!

GIVE... for the Work of the Ministry on Today! :)

​Kimberly  Ann 




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