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   I surrendered my entire life to the Lord on 

January 1st of 1990. For the first time in my life, I had looked to HIM to find Him... Asking God "If He was really real, I just needed to know..."

   I was at the end. Disillusioned, confused, hurt, questioning, addicted, abused, exhausted and betrayed...

"Joint supplieth unto join for the effectual

working of every part."  ~Eph 4:16

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Since 2005, Daly has been president and CEO of Focus on the Family, the conservative Christian organization founded by child psychologist and Republican activist James Dobson.

Daly's childhood family sorely needed focus: the last of five children born to aging alcoholics, Jim endured  his father's abandonment, his stepfather's rages, his mother's death and several years with a troubling foster family, while living next to "their own personal garbage dump." 

Rather than looking inward, the young adolescent developed a pragmatic philosophy of survival: Keep your expectations low. That way you don't get hurt. Somehow, despite homelessness and lack of income, he made it through college, studied overseas, married a good woman, and climbed the career ladder...

"I believe it's time we were open with one another about the brokenness that we all share,"  he writes. 

Daly's rags-to-(spiritual)-riches story is truly inspirational.. and  spoken directly from the heart.

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"This story is a great example of not letting your upbringing and circumstances define you. Jim Daly did not allow the things from his past to define him,(albeit, he had a loving relationship with his mother, but unfortunately she passed away when he was a child), but he set his sights on his future. With the help of God and his relationship with the Lord, he has established an amazing life for himself, his family and hundreds of thousands of people through Focus on the Family. I loved this book, and gave it to my grandson so he could see what knowing the Lord and setting your sights higher can do for you."

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"I love the honesty and story in this book.. More than half our world suffers without a present loving father in their stories. I meet them everywhere I go. This is a book of hope for those who wake up everyday wondering why their fathers didn't love them and if there is healing for the hurt they have carried their whole life. I love this line in your book Jim, "In spite of how desperate one’s circumstances are, God is still in the business of healing our brokenness and, like a gifted surgeon, He takes the pieces of our lives and makes us whole once again." So true.
Read it my friends and let the healing begin!"

"In  Finding Home, Jim weaves a host of equally unimaginable stories from his life together with a casual warmth and familiarity that is immediately comfortable and welcoming. Devoid of formulas but filled with biblical insights, Jim treats us to a feast of self-effacing, yet uplifting stories which cover the spectrum of human longings.

Daly doesn't attempt to sugarcoat his personal history. He resists the temptation to dump buckets of "God talk" on the page and refuses to offer a series of neat, religious-sounding solutions designed to "fix" us. Why? Jim knows that God doesn't always choose to move the same way in all situations. At the same time, Jim is convinced that God still moves, and will heal our brokenness.

In the end, Finding Home grabs us by the scruff of the neck and carries us on an amazing journey to the heart of the Father."

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   Heart to Heart is truly... The Fathers Heart ​speaking to ours. It is His Voice in our spiritual ears, His Love to our aching, weary ​hearts, and His Touch to a needy, depleted soul. 

   Heart To Heart is His Power in our minds and lives, His stride in our daily walk,  and His Vitality in our every spiritual, emotional, mental and physical step....


"I couldn't put the book down! It was one of the most incredible stories I have ever read! I loved it! I started to read it one Saturday afternoon and at the end of each chapter he would say something like, "And when things couldn't get any worse, they would." So then I HAD to keep reading to find out what happened. It was truly amazing! I read the entire book that evening. I have never done that before. I wish it was on CD so I could give it to my brother to listen while he drives! Wonderful!!"

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