"Joint supplieth unto join for the effectual

working of every part."  ~Eph 4:16

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   Heart to Heart is truly... The Fathers Heart ​speaking to ours. It is His Voice in our spiritual ears, His Love to our aching, weary ​hearts, and His Touch to a needy, depleted soul. 

   Heart To Heart is His Power in our minds and lives, His stride in our daily walk,  and His Vitality in our every spiritual, emotional, mental and physical step....

My Story

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart

   I surrendered my entire life to the Lord on 

January 1st of 1990. For the first time in my life, I had looked to HIM to find Him... Asking God "If He was really real, I just needed to know..."

   I was at the end. Disillusioned, confused, hurt, questioning, addicted, abused, exhausted and betrayed...



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