Transitions... are funny things.
Transitions can be difficult, questioning, taxing and exhausting!:) lol
A transition... is a period of change.
You are moving forward into a place, a space, and perhaps a "pace"-- that you have never been in before. Amen?
You progress and "graduate", we could say... in the Spirit, (and in life) to a place, a level and an experience where you truly have never been... before.
And that is normal. (In fact... it would be ABNORMAL to NEVER transition forward, and merely stay in one condition all your life.)
And soo... many MANY transitions SHOULD and WILL happen in your life over the whole COURSE of... your life.
Transition... even in the very definition of the WORD... means "change." But not JUST change. Transition means 'change' WITH positive progress. (now... can we "transition" to a place that is NOT positive and good FROM.... A PLACE THAT WAS?--Certainly. Yes.)
But that is not the transition Im referring to on today.
Im talking about the Transition that takes place AS you are growing deeper in the Lord, branching out farther in serving Him, and launching into depths you have never walked ... before.
Transition is not abandonment of who you used to be, per say.
Oh, yes..... as we march forward in Christ... there certainly WILL be things that you leave entirely behind. Yes.. And there SHOULD be!
But when you are at a point of true 'transition' in your life.... you take WITH you the learning and lessons that have strengthened you; the revelations and wisdom that have shaped you; foundational principles that have grounded you solidly; character builders, and spiritual supports, and personal pillars--orchestrated by God that have then PREPARED you--- for THIS... PRESENT... PLACE .... of YES-- TRANSITION.
Transitions are hard for lots of folks. Because, what previously stretched and matured you?-- Has now become a safe place. Solid-- YES... But its like a person who is meant to be a powerful opera singer--- moving people with that growing gift of story-telling, and affect, through the various methods it was designed to use.
And you may deliver thee most POWERFUL "Doe-Re-Me or A, B, C" in your backyard, for your neighbors and friends, lets say... but there must come a transition... many transtions in fact--- up and out and forward as you advance gradually to the "Metropolitan Opera House," or the "La Scala," and eventually.... the "Sydney Opera House! (Undoubtedly the most famous opera house in the world!) Right? Now joined by others with like passion to touch others through this venue... yet with different talents than given by God to you..
Full orchestras with hundreds of many different instruments!
Dancers in colorful costums telling the story too, that you sing about! Sonatas, Contatas, Different languages...
My point is this.. (and I dont want to get lost in the example of opera!)--lol
You... were MEANT to Transition. Many, many, MANY times in your life! Dont be frightened. Dont be hesitiant. (many hold back so long... they miss "the main performance" altogether!)
I mean... the back-yard platform made out of cardboard, with the shower curtain stage curtain was fine for a time---- but come on!
[🙂] You... were meant to be stretched and used and challenged and refined. Gods end goal for you is NOT the same place as the 'starting block,' or even the middle stretch.
Its time to co-operate with the process of Transition.
Lay down and stay put in the middle of ANY race.... and you'll get disqualified! You were MEANT to continue running and advacing ALL the way to the finish line!
And yes.. IN THAT TIME... you are going to hit MANY transitions that you are GOING to HAVE to move and navigate through!
Transitions in which you "feel" different and think different and breath different.
Endurance. Determination. Strength. Courage and Tenacity will ALL be needed as you combine those with simply CONTINUING to run forward, and NOT backward.
Going backward, or... staying stationary forever... are simply NOT options. Not in a race. Not in life. And NOT in the Spirit. Not in your relationship with God and in the Callings and Talents and Assingments and DESTINATION God has created you for.
I dont know who all this is for... on today. But I DO know it is for many of you.
Get up and keep moving. You were created to.
Kick fear to the curb and dig into whats next.
We ALL go through Transitions. We were meant to.
Praying for you... as YOU go through too.
Love you all
Sis Kimberly Ann:)

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