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"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray....


Good Day!!!--- I am reposting a prayer that I have prayed on this morning... for a friend of mine who is running for office....
For the time being I have left out her name ON THIS post)-- But lets come together and pray for ALL who are stepping UP and responding to the call.
Lets come together and PRAY as One Body of Christ in Agreement before our Father for our nation.... and for the Mighty People that GOD is raising UP for "such a time as this"-- to RESPOND to His mandate and will and BE the Hand of God in a very, very, weary and confused and deceived nation. Amen?-- God is the Answer! And we KNOW that GOD works OUT His "Answer" through US!
Isaiah 53:6 says,
"We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way;… "
A nation without Godly principles will simply CONTINUE in that way.. and "reproduce after that kind"... And so OH HOW THANKFUL we are, for each person with an assignment from God (which are ALL of His kids, by the that STEP up and say, "Its TIME for me to do this!"
Lets lift up our nation on today and our sister as she steps into Gods assignment to pursue the position of Representative in Indiana.
Father God... we come to You right now, in Jesus Name, Praising You for Who You are! Brilliant, Magnificient, Perfect in all Your Ways, and Deserving of Our Praise. And Father... You are as Merciful as You are Holy and Righteous, and this is astounding to us.
And so, Abba Father... we thank You for Your Mercy on today! For Your Plan through Jesus Christ to put us BACK into right standing with You and giving us The Holy Spirit the lead us in Wisdom and Understanding, telling us ONLY "what He hears from the Throne of God."
And so, we WALK in that Wisdom on today! We saturate our sister and her family... and EACH person praying along here in Your anointing and power and BOLDNESS. Yes... each person that You use in a mighty way for change in our world... must "slip on the shoes of boldness" and walk it out. Halleluia. We are EXCITED for all that we KNOW You are doing through willing vessels rising up right now!
Sleeping ones are waking up. Timid ones are standing up. Those hesitant formerly are throwing OFF any shackles of fear, or doubt, or uncertainty-- and they are SOUNDING OUT the Clarion Call.
True Freedom... is found in You Father God, and True Freedom in this nation will come through those who Trust You and bring forth laws and statutes and edicts and protections and " A Voice" that is in keeping with principles that You desire and have beforehand laid OUT through our founding Fathers, concerning the running of nations. Father You said, "as the leaders ... of a nation go, so goes the nation." You told us that in Your Word. And so Father we stand with those who are THEMSELVES standing up today... to restore, and liberate once again, those basic Freedoms in our nation that have been chained, and shackled and poluted by a corrupt system.
Our founding documents in this nation... reflected the founders’ respect for Your
moral standards, and Father we believe that we are on our Way BACK to Greatness. We THANK you Father, for Your Protection, and Favor on today in all that we do and attempt that is in line with Your Will.
We continually receive Your Strength and Direction as we support not only this sister, and her efforts.... but all those who are truly called of You to step into positions of authority and influence in our nation on today.
Father... protect each person praying along on today and fill them with Your Peace and Power... In Jesus Name amen.
Sis Kim

​Kimberly  Ann