Father God.. We Praise You and Love you.
Oh, we are SO thankful for Your UNENDING Love and Power in our lives! When we seek You and live for You will ALL of our Hearts--- what would you ever withold from us! Nothing... Oh, Father and King of our hearts--- nothing do You withold from Your children.
You are MOST excellent.
You are ALL wise.
You are CREATOR of all there is.
You are PERFECT in all of Your Ways.
Those who 'say' they understand Love, but DONT understand You.... have no comprehension.... of what LOVE really is.
You... are LOVE.
Ahhh... our hearts are YOURS on today.
There is NO confusion in You. No changing and shifting. NO perversion. No darkness, evilness or sin. No error. No wickedness.
Father... we surrender to all that You are and all that You have instructed us IN RELATIONSHIP with You.
Warnings and rebukes and refroofs and convictions are all PART of living in right standing and FREEDOM with YOU!
What good parent doesnt instruct their child? What loving father and mother dont warn their children against those things meant to harm, maime and destroy them? Ohhh Abba Father--- Your Word is YOU. You are Tender AND Tenacious.
You are Merciful AND Merciless against sin and satan.
You are Loving AND Uncompromising.
You are Attentive, and Passionate and Good.
You are not a God Who abandons those who seek after You.
Ohh.... You are thee most Faithful there will ever be.
We Love You and Worship You on today.
Father.... we are listening and obeying Your instructions to us.
Deepen and Stablish us all the more on today.
We receive MORE Wisdom and MORE Understanding.
We praise You for Revelation and Righteousness.
We Praise You Father, Son... and Holy Spirit!
You are a Bold Father. Thank You for showing that Boldness through Your Servants on today.... as they stand UP for Right and Righteousness in all of their encounters on today.
We walk in Wisdom, Boldness and Peace.
We react with Understanding, Strength, Uncompromise and JOY in all matters this day.
We shine Your Light. We love on the desperate, poor, hungry (both spritually and physically), and the searching.
We stand in Your Truth, unflinching.... when the Truth is not popular or accepted...
We Remain Solid and Unmoved... in YOU.
Touch Your people this day. Heal, Strengthen, Guard and Guide.
Lights Shining Bright to the lost. Avenues and doors are already open for the entrance of the Gospel. May we be so faithful and unflinching on today...
Prepare. Anoint. Saturate our every encounter today... in You.
We lay down all things and thoughts NOT pleasing to You.
Thank You for forgiveness, restroration and Grace and Power.
We HAVE the Mind of Christ concerning all things this day.
We have HEALING entirely in mind, body, spirit and situation.
We are PROTECTED every step we take on today.
ALL tricks, plots and plans of the enemy are now cancelled... in Jesus Name over our lives..
Halleluia... We are Strong, Free, Powerful in You and Abounding in EVERY good thing You... have called us to do.
Encourage Your people on today.
Thank You for EVERY blessing. Every provision. Every Joy. Every favor...
Its in Jesus Mighty Name ... we pray and believe it all
Amen and amen
Love you all
Sis Kim:)


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