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    Heart 2 Heart is truly... the Father's Heart speaking to ours. It is His Voice in our spiritual ears, His Love to our aching, weary hearts, and His touch to a needy, depleted soul. Heart 2 Heart is His Power in our minds & lives, His stride in our daily walk, and His vitality in our every spiritual, emotional, mental and physical step.

    Heart 2 Heart has always existed and lived in the Heart of God... He chose the vehicle, the way and the timing in which it would come forth.

    The Daily Devotional "Heart 2 Heart Program" began in 2008 as a 60 minute radio program called "Breath of Heaven."  It aired all around the world, via shortwave radio to all the nations. Years later, the local arm of that came forth in a 30 minute program on local radio in my area.

    So many amazing and touching testimonies, stories, expressions of God's Presence, and healings have happened over the years. From victorious strength through struggles... to glorious salvations. From imparted wisdom and help... to solid change and breakthroughs.

    God is so wonderful. He is so sweet, smart, amazing and loving.  He has already 'run this race'... and WON.
 And so... we can too!

    As we grow and mature this 'on-line' presence as a tool for you to use in your daily walk to victory... added TO the Daily Devotions, communication, and connection--will be many more avenues, opportunities, and blessings that God has planned. :) Videos and a book are coming very soon!

    So run today! Run your race, specifically designed and given to you... with your socks on, your shoes tied, your shoulders back, and your head held high! Run into God's plans, dreams, purposes and destiny for you!

Run... and I run with you.

Dream... and I'll blow wind into your sails.

Reach... and I'll hold your arms up strong.

Pursue... and I'll persistently cheer you on.

For, it's not I, but the Father Who does this.

    His Heart 2 My Heart--My Heart 2 Yours--His Heart 2 Us All, as we come full circle, giving Him all the honor, praise, and glory. He is here to give us His Presence, help, guidance, council and encouragement daily.

   Check out the Devotional Page and begin receiving today! I am so small. He is so big. :)

    Contact me anytime. Reach out. That's what we are here for.  I love you. I believe in you. And, I run with you!





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Provoke you 2 Passionately Pursue

     Your Purpose in Christ...

Challenging  you & Surrounding you with

Sincere Support, Strength, and Care

    As you Run this Race to WIN...


                      I Love You

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