Kimberly  Ann 




​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer


"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray....

Father God... we come to You in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ..
Father, we come humble. Knowing that You are completely Just and Holy and Righteous... And this is why we so NEED your Mercy and your Grace... Halleluia..
Father... we are standing for righteousness and for those things that line UP with Your Word. Your Word is HOLY and IS all Truth.
Father... we WILL vote for leadership in this country that lines up most correctly with YOUR word ON ALL subject matters, whether that be LIFE, OR Righteous behavior as it relates TO MARRIAGE. Whether it be TRUTH concerning the state of ALL affairs having to do with THOSE who have exalted themselves as the VOICEBOXES in our nation, who pass along information, or the RIGHT treatment OF ALL others... no matter their color, geographical area, or their past.
Father.... we are asking for RIGHTEOUS leadership and for Your Grace extended in the years ahead to FURTHER the Gospel Message that saves lives for ETERNITY.
Thank You Father for exposing ALL wrong-doing and falsehood quickly. We praise You that You are the avenger of each false-hood, abuse, plot, trick and plan that the enemy has exacted against Your children.
Lord... we know that as we follow the guideline of Your Word in all things.... You will then also DO THE VERY thing that BEST forwards our nation on the path that leads to Your Ultimate goals as outlined IN the REVELATION of Your Bible.
You have ALREADY seen the End from the Beginning.. and even as mankind has said "THERE IS no God.." or there are MANY 'gods".. or we are OUR OWN 'god'... or there IS no absolute right and wrong... only what WE decide at the moment."... YOU ARE GOD--- RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY... and YOU are in control of how each thing ends... Yes You are, Great Yeshua. Yes You are.
You are King of all.
You are Savior.
You are Truth.
You are Power.
You alone are Wisdom
You are Righteousness.
You are Holiness.
You are Mercy.
You are Justice.
You are Alpha and Omega.
The Beginning AND the End.
Father God.... we humble our hearts right now... and ask forgiveness for each THOUGHT that we allowed in our minds even for a second that was NOT of You, and not cast DOWN immediately.
Oh... Yes.... cleanse Your people Father.
Rise up Your Righteous Remnant... that ONLY YOU... can and have made holy, through surrender to the Work of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary.
Your children... submit their hearts and lives, and thoughts and pursuits; all our words and actions and behaviours to You right now.
Father... cleanse us and we are clean.
Restore us and we are restored.
Ignite us with Your Righteousness and we are on Fire for You.
Correct us and we are corrected and full of Your Peace.
We march only for You.
We understand the responsibility before us.
Use Your people in these coming days and months to be BEACONS of Light and Right and Revelation.
We Praise You for Strength.
We Praise You for Direction.
We Praise You for Right Standing with You.
We Praise You for Joy.
We Praise You for Understanding and Wisdom.
We Praise You.... for YOU.
Ohhhh.... HOW VERY EXCELLENT You are.
We Praise You for Provision in every area.
Healing for every sickness and disease.
A Sound Mind for every decision.
Protection for every step forward.
Yes... We pray and believe all these things right now..
In Jesus Name amen..
Love you all..
sis Kimbery....