BIG NEWS!! Please Pray! Get Excited! Then Step up and GET INVOLVED!.
As the Director of the Singles Ministry-- God directed me to Branch out and do another OUTREACH in our community. This idea and assignment has been burning in my heart for about 6 months now.
And soo.... THIS AUGUST 27TH we are holding "Michiana's Biggest Baby (shower) Bash" in the Harvest Grind Cafe' at Christian Center Church!
We are blessing RETA, Women's Care Center, and Hannah's House with a "crib-full" (haha) of items that EACH of them specifically needs right now-- and presenting them TO THEM at a HUGE Baby Shower on the 27th of August! (the last Saturday in August).
PLEASE pray, and then see how you would like to step up and be involved! What I need MOST?----
Are people to purchase items for these organizations! I have 3 separate lists (one for each of the Organizations)-- which I will post up later today! I need to access my documents on a different computer and post them for you.
But... you could start shopping for some "basics" now! Drop them off at Christian Center Church-- during regular business hours... or during Wednesday Night or Sunday Morning Services!
During the Evening of August 27th, Representative from each of these Amazing Pro-Life organizations will share their hearts, and give us more information too, on how BEST to pray for them and support them in what they do on a daily basis for women, families and babies!
So... #1) We need items for these Organizations (again... Ill add the lists up a bit later in the day)
and#2) We need people to COME that evening... so that we have a WONDERFUL crowd of folks All Celebrating Together during our 1st Ever "Michiana's Biggest Baby (shower) Bash!"(I also have sign-up sheets for help with Decorating, Bringing Food Items, and set up on that day!)
Message me or use the Contact Page  if you are interested or planning to be involved in any way! (I realize you must be local in order to attend or bring items...)I will be contacting folks THIS WEEK.
It may SEEM like we are "way ahead of the game"-- but as we know, August 27th will be here FAST!
Woooo hooooSo excited about this! Please plan to attend! And if you CAN help out in ANY way?--- How AWESOME!
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What a GREAT WAY for the WHOLE Body of Christ to COME TOGETHER as ONE! Amen?
Love you all
Sis Kimberly Ann:)


GIVE... for the Work of the Ministry on Today! :)

"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray...."

Heart To Heart Daily Prayer

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Heart To Heart

Kimberly Ann Ministries

Father God.... We Love You. We Praise You We Thank You.
We Bless Your Name.
You are Great. We praise You first thing on this morning, and then ALL the day long! You are Perfect, Brilliant, Spectacular,
and Amazing!
We lay all of our plans before You today! Refine and Perfect inside of US... ALL that are of You! If there be any thing that needs subtracting or deleting; any steps that are NOT the best for us, nor bring Glory and Praise to You?--- Father... we receive that. We know that You reveal that. And we want to step in line only with You always.... and in ALL WAYS.
For those this morning whose hearts are breaking, Father strengthen, comfort, and bless with Your Presence and Peace.
Under-gird with amazing support from friends, family and messengers that you bring to them in this time.
May we be ever so aware that our time here is not long, as we count "time." Father.... You know the beginning from the end. We want to always be looking to You and serving You with ALL of our hearts.
We receive Your Healing ... in all areas of our lives: mentally, emotionally, financially, practically, situationally, physically and spiritually. Great Abba Father--- we rely on You.
Open our eyes on today so that we see Your Open Doors.
Open Doors of ALL sorts! May we accomplish ALL that You created us to. And we do so with great JOY and Excitement to be Your Ambassadors on this earth!
Thank You for the natural and "spiritual rains" that have come to nourish Your creation. We receive Refreshment, Growth, Focus, Seed, and Strength... in Jesus Name.
Draw the unbelieving by Your Holy Spirit... to 'encounters' and 'events' and 'interactions' that will put them in the audience of Your Gospel ... Halleluia. You dont desire that any should perish from this earth without knowing You.
All plots and plans of the enemy are CANCELLED right now in our lives. Safety to and back from all the places we have need of to go.
Bless Your people, Oh God! May they be Ignited on Holy Fire for You!
Healed from head to toe and ready to go.
Its in Jesus Mighty Name we pray and believe all these things. Amen and Amen
(Love you all
Sis Kim)