Kimberly  Ann 




​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer



"If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray....

Father... we come FIRST to You on this morning, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. You are every Answer. Every Peace. Every Deliverance. All Wisdom and Understanding. Each Healing and Strength. Every right Way and All Truth. Lord... we submit to You on today and we Listen.
Lord... give Your people greater spiritual hearing and the DESIRE to listen to You. Father, what good is hearing if we dont listen and abide by and react in accordance with--- what it is we ARE hearing?
Halleluia. God... You are so good.
Chain Breaker. Storm Calmer. Wall Demolisher.
King. All Powerful One. Truth Bearer.
Father... You see all the various "rooms" and pieces and relationships in our lives. Father... help us to 'clean house.' Father before any crisis of situation must arise to cause us to act.
Lord... we act NOW. We want to be 100 percent in Your Will and Walking in Your Ways for us.
We hold each thing and person up to Your All Consuming Power and Spot-Light. Lord... our desire is to be pleasing You in all these areas of our lives.
Father.... we receive Your Power which IS from The Holy Ghost!
We, as Your children are STRONG. We have DELIVERANCE.
We are UNSHAKABLE by this world. We are UNCONQUERABLE.
AS.... we dwell and live and ABIDE in You>--- YES... we are full of Your Power and Might and Wisdom.
Lord... strengthen our legs AS we walk up this present mountain.
Give Your Revelation and Spirit and Invincibility...
We stand in Righteousness and Truth.
In Justice and in Wisdom
In Healing and in Excitement.
We operate today in your Wisdom and Glory..
We are NO longer slaves TO ANYTHING in this world.
We are FULL of JOY on today!
We are Excited for what You have ahead for us.
We DO NOT walk in fear or timidity.
We CANCEL right now.... all assignments of the enemy over us.
Yes... every demonic and tricky plot, plan, and weapon.
We CANCEL THEM in the Name of Jesus.
We dont play church.... WE ARE THE CHURCH.
And when the rubber meets the road.... we MUST STAND VICTORIOUS concerning all the things we dance about on a Sunday.... Glory to God. Glory to Your Name.
We ARE.... the church.
We HAVE everything, and right, and power, and privilege and healing and strength and right mind and deliverance and FREEDOM... and AUTHORITY that Your Word says that we do!!!
Ohhh... Father, thank You for a Remnant that still believes...
Our Faith does not change depending on what the world is throwing at us. No.
Our Faith is solid today in You.
Today we proclaim that our families are strong and solid.
Today... we proclaim that our President is strong and solid... unwavering.
Today... we proclaim that our way is protected and secure by You in the Name of Jesus.
We are advancing today. We are acquiring today. We are promoted today. We have favor on today.
You.. have parted every Red Sea. And we are walking straight through in VICTORY...
Its in Jesus Mighty Name that EVERYthing that is NOT from or of You, Abba Father has to bow!
And we are quick to give You all of the Praise, Honor, and Glory.
In Jesus Name amen.
Love you all.
Walk in VICTORY, ya'll!
Sis Kim:)