Father... we Adore You.
You are Perfectly Amazing. 
You are Holy, Just, and Righteous!
You are Gracious, Merciful, and Faithful.

And its to YOU that we give our affections and all the minutes of our day. Lord... we will put our hands to the plow, and give attention faithfully to the things that lie before us, as though 'working for You.' For surely we always are!

Whether filing papers, running a business, taking care of our loved ones in our homes, driving a truck, or teaching at school.. Lord-- we do this with the ability, love and giftings You have trusted us with so that WE can make a difference in this world... to the Glory of Your Name.

Father.. we thank You for every molecule, cell, and atom lining up JUST the right way today! Wow! You are an intricate and Perfect God! 
From the thinnest and smallest hair on our head .. to the tip of the toe-nail on our smallest toe.... You have got everything in control and proper order.
We speak healing and strength into every part of us right now.
We thank You for solid wisdom, and strong focus.
For right minds, and clear hearts.
Praising You for Forgiveness and Grace..
For the perfect number of our days... and the instruction on just HOW to LIVE OUT those days for You.

Our children are strong, blessed and stepping into their day with Purpose... We PRAISE You for the privilege of being assigned their parents. We cancel all tricks, plots and plans of the enemy over them THIS DAY. The shed Blood of Jesus Christ has STRIPPED them of their power, and rendered them useless. 
Our sons and daughters... walk with Your authority in their spirits, Your words of wisdom on their tongues... and Your purpose in each step today!

Encourage and strength our elderly... Keep the fire in them ALIVE... surround them with faithful friends and laborers who encourage them to continue running their race.. and winning EVERY bit of it.

We declare great changes and advancements on our jobs and places of employment... because Your Spirit operates their through US... Halleluia.

Wisdom and Instruction to our President this day. Strength and health to his family. Wise council surrounding him. Your Mighty Spirit doing a great work in his entire family... saving souls, raising up standards.. and accomplishing what you created them to do.

We stoke the fires today of Your Word on our INSIDES.. all the day long. And we EXPECT to walk in those result until the setting of the sun .. this day.

Rest to the weary.
Wisdom to the searching.
Inspiration to those at a stand still.
Healing to those who are hurting..

Protection over our homes and vehicles is OURS... through You, Father.... We are excited to watch Your work Your wonders in every corner of our lives this day.

Oh how we love You.
How we adore You
How we Praise You....

Its it Jesus Mighty Name that we believe it and pray it.. amen

I love you
I believe in you.
and I pray all these things with you

Jesus knows what it is to have more to accomplish than what you 'humanly can.'
He knows what it feels like to have a task so BIG and excruciating... that you 'ask the Father if there could be another way...'
And.. He is the GREATEST and the Perfect example... of allowing, then the Father.. to strengthen, accomplish, and complete the task (s) through you... BY HIS SPIRIT.

Oh.. you are NEVER alone.
Today.. I am believing for a fresh anointing... a cool Breeze from God... and a strength and energy that is unmistakable HIM.

He's got you.
Love you


​Heart To Heart Daily Prayer

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart