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        Heart To Heart

I tried to type out the devotion that was on my heart this morning. And every time ... the worship was so overwhelming... all I could do was weep. 
Overtaken with Abba Daddy’s Love... always. 
Where else do I belong but there?
He is.. ‘our Place.’
Where else CAN we fly FREE and be embraced for Everything we are? 
Where else... are we held, and loved, and whispered to with such Splendor?
How else.. do we breathe?!
Where else are we fully and unashamedly ourselves... with no thoughts that He has judged us for our unkempt state, or wild energy rushing on our insides... or the uncommon sweetness and quietness that comes as tears flow uninhibited from the deepest peace no one else dares go?
We...are understood by Him.
Thank You Jesus. 
We have a Place... where we belong. 
You carry us... Daddy. 
You.. carry me. 
You are in us.. depositing Your seeds of Love, Tenderness, and Greatness. 
And so here... we weep, and shout, and dine... and rest...
And we are free...
Love our Abba Father.


Father God... thank You! Thank You for Freedom and Joy, and a brand new day!
Lord... you pick us up when we fall.
You embrace us when we feel alone.
You encourage us when our hearts fail us.
You are our strength when our own is gone.
You give direction. You offer wisdom freely.
You are our First Love. And our Only Answer.

We give You Glory and Praise. We offer You every thought, tear, hurt, exultation, plan, effort, and situation.
All that we are and have... we submit to You, Abba Daddy.
Our hearts CRY OUT.... God. In the toughness and roughness of each day when our own efforts are depleted and our hope hangs on by a thread... FATHER---THERE YOU ARE.
Oh, there You are.
We need You.
We look to You.
You are here.
Speaking. Teaching. Comforting. Strengthening. Reminding. Loving. Your Love just keeps on reaching....

Bless our goings and activities fully and completely this day.
We send our children out to classes and jobs and various responsibilities this day with Your Protection and Wisdom. We cancel RIGHT now all the tricks, plots and plans of the enemy over their lives. We deal the enemy a mighty blow with our faith. 
Our Children are FULL of Your Glory and Power. Your Anointing and Your Wisdom. They are covered on every side. Their cars are protected by You. Their bodies are healed of You. Their minds are locked IN ,... To You.

Our homes are blessed and covered ... on each corner and every square foot. No 'interloper' enters, or prowls successfully or destroys or takes what is ours .. Halleluia.

Lift up those on our jobs, Father. Help us to speak LIFE and LIGHT to all those around us today. Send us in as Conduits of Your Love. Put Your LIFE and Words of Deliverance on our lips. May we plant seeds... AND water those that have already been planted by other servants of You. Each day is an assignment of LOVE.

We are looking for Your guidance in all things today God.
Our faith... is counted to us and credited to our 'spiritual account' as righteousness today.

Protect our streets, cities, towns, and states. Release Your servants to serve. We are thankful and relying on the Holy Spirit for all we have need of to witness, proclaim, stand, and be Your Voice, Truth and Healing.....

Each family member... both natural and spiritual-- Each friend--Each person You have placed in our lives... WILL have an 'Encounter with You' today. Move and Breathe and Speak and Heal in their lives this day.

Thank You Jesus.. for Your Blood shed for us that sets us free.
You are everything that is Right on our Lives. Thank You for being our Righteousness.
Thank You for being our Prince of Peace.

Now.. Bless our President with strength, wisdom, direction, continued policies that promote life and the Freedom of Your Word to go forth unhindered... use every talent and ability and business principle instilled in him and given to him, and cultivated by the Glory of YOUR Great Name and what you are accomplishing in our nation.

Healed from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet. 
And Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things... Amen.

I love you
I believe in you
and I pray all these things with you
Kimberly Ann:)

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