Father... we come to You this morning, expectant.
For all that we have need of and everything that we are.... we come to You KNOWING You are here with us.
You strengthen us. You never leave us. You give us wisdom. You are our Healer. You are the Righteous One. You are our Love. You are Truth, and Power, and Might. 
We give Glory to Your great Name today.
We Praise You and Adore You.
We look to You for all we have need of today.

Our homes are filled with Your Presence AS WE PRAISE YOU. Oh.. Abba Daddy! You Presence is so wonderful! We bask and we are strengthened. We gain wisdom and discernment and revelation. Thank You for the privilege of being Yours and the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ that gives us access to Your Very Throne!
Today... cover our children as they travel to school and college campuses. May Your Hand of Protection be with them as they socialize and go to different places and enter into relationships and friendships and various other activities. 
Father.. QUICKEN their spirits, and sharpen their minds... to flee situations that are not of You, or that hold specific disturbing things. May they be SO sensitive in their spirit man... that they detect the enemies tricks and plots from afar off and they avoid it. Thank You for healing them in their minds, bodies, and hearts this day. Saturate them in Your Protection and Presence.

Lift up the weary heads and limbs of our elderly this day. Father... finish the great work in their lives that You have called each of them to. Comfort those who have had spouses and loved ones who have gone on before them. Father.. may those who are here.. be filled with stamina and determination to live their years STRONG and focused in on pleasing You and completing all You have created them to.

Bless and strengthen our churches and houses of worship, Lord. Rid us of chaff, and compromise and dross. Clean Your house Lord, clean Your house. This is NO time for instability and sin in Your House, Lord. This is a time for consecration and sanctification. Father, deal with each of us personally on these things... in Jesus Name..

All plots and plans of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy ARE cancelled right now... IN Jesus Mighty Name... We stand, and speak and work and live and serve VICTORIOUS over all the power of the enemy.

We dig in today to Your Word. And we Glory in The Shed Blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary that has GIVEN us that Victory. Today.. we focus in on what is paramount.. yes.. reveal to us the important decisions and things and ways we are to go, and how we are to stand strong.

We ARE healed right now from head to toe. We will NOT give the enemy ANY foothold in our lives... by speaking out of our mouth things that are contrary to Your Truth and Your Word.

Bring increase to our homeless shelters and those places that serve and give their lives... to caring for those less fortunate and those struggling in life.... those destitute, or abused, or homeless, or confused. Father... bring great increase to those who help the dear widows, and the single parents, and the children who are the product of broken homes.. Father.. bring increase to such as serve and provide for these.

Today.. we walk in love and integrity.. and in NO compromise. We put ON the whole armor of God. We are ready, capable, and powerful through You.

Thank You for Your forgiveness... every day of our lives.
Thank You for Your Love, Grace and Mercy.
We need You every minute.
You are Holy, and Powerful and Great.

Bless and speak to our President this day. Guide him. Encourage him. Lead him deeper into wisdom and understanding. Bring Your Presence and Anointing into the White House right NOW.. in Jesus Name... DO an amazing work. Protect his family right now... Halleluia..

Our steps are ordered of You this day and we walk boldly in Your purposes and truth.

Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things..

I love you 
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer


Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart