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                          HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Dear Heavenly Father...
We hear the sound of all creation groaning for Your return.
We hear the cries of the confused, destitute, trapped, homeless, and hungry. Lord... strengthen our hearts and minds to be about Your business. May we, each DAY.... get Your Gospel Message to the lost. 
We honor You and Lift You up this day.
We let go of puny and unimportant things.... in the grand scheme of all of LIFE... that are merely time wasters and distractions from the bigger purpose and calling for each of us.
And we THANK You and Glorify You for every blessing and joy You have bestowed upon us.
Please help us to balance our days and center our minds on You... so that all we do counts for eternity and shows Your love and is a True EXTENSION of You. 
Show us times and seasons and important benchmarks that we need to be aware of. Prune. Weed. Fertilize and Tend to the Garden of our life Father....
And we humbly ask Your forgiveness for ways in which and times that we.... have "kept You out.... " of certain areas of our lives and we thought to "handle and maintain" those areas on our own... without really surrendering all the details.
Now ... is a time of complete surrender in ALL areas for ALL of us.
And we DO surrender it all this day.

Father bless amazing relationships we have been given by You.
Bless families who are sacrificing time and comforts and all sorts of things to be on the "mission field " completely for You... whether that be overseas or right in their very own backyard.
And help ALL of us to more correctly see and embrace... the mission field that truly IS right under our feet.
Where we walk.
Where we work.
Who we are around every single day.
Where we go to school.
Where we shop.
Events that we attend.
Its ALL a mission field.

Father.... place eternity firmly in each of our hearts this day.

Today.. we humbly bow before Your Will and Your Ways.
Cleanse our hearts, our minds, and our insides completely Father.
Call us to a fast, Heavenly Papa. 
Show us specifically what that is for each of us.
We want to make the sacrifices necessary that will strengthen, focus and cleanse us.
Thank You for causing us to gain wisdom to be healthier.... in our minds, our spirits, our bodies, our circumstances, our ministries, our relationships, and our outreaches.
Father... obedience in the hidden man and parts is what You desire.

And what we plant ...we know that we reap.
Thank You for wisdom today.

Now... we DO speak over our children... blessing, protection and wisdom; increase, discernment, and Your Purpose ... in Jesus Name.
We DO declare that ALL weapons of the enemy that he fashioned AGAINST them...are all now CANCELLED and instead used against THE ENEMY. And he, as Your Word says.... will fall in the very self-same pit and trap and net that he had set for them... and also for us.

We receive Your Wisdom and helps on today.
Thank You for a right mind and breath in our lungs on today.
Thank You that all things we put our hands to will prosper in a great way on today.

Increase our Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding in You.
We are healed from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet. 
All Your Ways in us prosper. 
Our bodies are healed.
Our circumstances are straightened out.
Our finances are blessed.

Visit our President this day and bless his comings and goings that are ordained of You. And where there is anything in his mind or intentions that is NOT Your will... Father make it known to him and increase his knowledge in the right things to do. And BLESS Him Father in the things he is doing that YOU HAVE assigned him to do. Many are those christians, Father.... who will not even pray for him. Father.. speak to them... or reward them in the way they have decided to behave.. Make us ALL right with you. .. In all of our ways God... may we DO as You do.

Now... we are looking and listening to You today.
We love You and Praise You.
This IS.. our "time of Jubilee."

Its in Jesus Name that we pray and proclaim all these things.

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all this with you

(And here's a quick thought.....)

Pray for each person that you come into contact with daily... simply say a pray for them as you brush by them or work with them. Pray for those especially that you DONT agree with. Ones who DO have issues. People you HAVE nothing in common with. Those who ARE cursing God. Folks who act hostile and ones who cause division.
Pray for them...
Pray for them all.
All day long...
Without ceasing..
God didnt say you had to hold a half hour prayer meeting for each person...
(you can if you CAN... amen..?)
But if we were to pray without ceasing all day long... for all folks that we come into contact with. A hushed prayer even for the person checking your groceries.. or the difficult person sitting across from you on the bus... or the one on some tabloid that your eyes caught as you were waiting in line some where...
We can do that..

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart