HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Father God... We love You and Worship You today.
Creator of all things... King of kings... Abba Father... Best Friend... thank You for loving us. Thank You for accepting us and valuing us and treasuring us and saving us.
We are neither TOO much for You, nor are we NOT ENOUGH... Oh God---We are Your chosen ones, and prized possession. 
Thank You Dad. 
We are safe in You. We are completely loved in You.
We are cherished and lavished and cradled in Your Arms of Love. 
We run to You today! To bask in the intimacy of Your council, and direction and grace, and attention.
Who is like You? Who compares to You, Mighty Father?

We lay before You all things. Dreams, goals, plans, pursuits, thoughts, schedules, desires, careers, and next steps.
We surrender all family members, needs, responsibilities, and requirements .... All we place in your mighty Hands, Father.

Thank You for the privilege of LIFE. You didnt have to create us ... but Your did. We place our thoughts and attentions to the greatness You have planned for us through all eternity. God.. place eternity in our HEARTS! This life is so short. Father... speak to our spirits this day! Encourage us in You.
Thank You... for Your Glorious Ways.

We proclaim Your anointing and presence upon our children this day. Every step they take and word they say... may it BE just what You have planned. Help them to influence those around them and impact this world for You! We declare all weapons formed against them from the enemy CANCELLED this day... in Jesus Mighty Name... Cover them as they walk, catch buses or drive to their destinations. Father... We praise You for Your mighty protection.

Lord... have Your way in our homes and at our jobs. Turn our eyes and ears and feet... Yes... our FEET, in the very direction You would have us go in this next season. Holding nothing back. Considering nothing before You. Thank You for You ways.

Saturate our nation in an understanding of You, Father God. Things happen and transpire and take place God.. because of what You have already told us must come about to be as You... Father, set the stage for the great return of Christ... and the time of Judgement before Your Mighty Throne of all peoples on the earth. Lord, help us to say and do and love and encourage and exhort and teach and admonish and straighten and show Your righteous Way... without which, and having surrendered to it through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ and relationship with You.. NONE of us shall spend eternity with You

Strengthen us when we have need by direction of You to say an 'unpopular thing' in the worlds view. God.. YOUR view... is all that matters... not "The View" of the world... no. No.. not the worlds way, or opinion or intentions.

Father... we pray a covering over our President. Father.. bring greater wisdom. Give greater direction. Meet him in his day at every turn... Speak into his heart those things he needs to know.. Father... make and create in him the man of You, YOU have always desired that he be.
Heal our land. Ready us for You.

Bless those who risk their lives every day for others. 
Bless those who give of their heart each day and risk rebuke, and abandonment and ridicule for their efforts.
Protect those who have chosen a career committed to protecting and saving lives every single day. They are a special category of people father.

Encourage pastors and teachers and ministers to step it up and dig on in deeper... Yes, even deeper.
May we never shrink back from going deeper in You.
The cost is great in many areas.
We need You Father... You already know.

We proclaim we ARE healed right now. From the crown of our head to the soles of our feet.. mind, body, heart and spirit... we ARE the healed of You, Father.. Thank You.

Your are so beautiful....
We love you.

Its in Jesus Name that we pray and believe all these things..

I love you
I believe in you
I pray this with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

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