Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart


Father God...
You are Light and Love and Power.
You are Righteousness and Grace and Mercy.
Everything Glorious, Perfect and Holy.
Oh how we Praise You on this Brand New Day.
Lord.. our Faith reaches and stands firm and grabs ahold with our entire being.
We rely today ONLY on You. 
Not in circumstances, or feelings, or mankinds opinion.
Not in what our senses want to scream out. Not in what it looks like with our natural eyes....
God.. You are Lord of all our lives... every detail is seen by You ahead of time.
All things are laid at Your charge. Nothing is beyond Your scope. No thing stretches past Your reach.
No problem too big.
No mountain too tall.
No issue too large.
No hurt to hard.
No wound too deep.
No question without an answer.
No issue without a solution.
Lord.. we lay at Your Holy Feet this morning... all things on our hearts and minds.
We relinquish our human understanding concerning them.
We stand to our full spiritual stature and we PRAISE You FOR the Mighty and Positive and OVERCOMING out come that IS certainly ours.
Father.. some folks may NOT understand our trust and faith in what You have said even though.. the earth seems to crumble around us!
But no matter. No matter. No matter.
Father.. no matter.
Our face is toward You. Our trust is in You.
We behold Your Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ and what He and He alone has purchased for us on the Cross of Calvary... and we count it as done.
Finished. Solved. Saved. Perfected. Peaceful. Beautiful. Healed. Delivered. Satisfied.
Father... You are a great God.
Lord...for the lost sheep that have come home... we give You Praise. For the broken pieces of our lives re-established and re-created... we give You Praise.
For hurting places healed. Lost things found. Confused minds made right. Wholeness and fullness in every way and measure... Yes... We Praise You this day.

We speak life and protection over our children.. and family members... Meet each in an individual way.
Touch. Mend. Make. Shake. Break. Heal. Encourage. Fulfill. Make whole. ALL WEAPONS OF THE ENEMY ARE CANCELLED THIS DAY...
ALL of them.
Every single one.

Touch and encourage and strengthen our President this day.
Spiritual wisdom, knowledge and boldness. Save all in his household. God... Do a mighty work in his family, in his position and in our nation.. to the Glory of Your Great Name..

Protection over our home is ours right now.
Healing in our bodies and minds... ours right now.
Freedom for the captives and those caught in addictions...
RIGHT now... Hallelujah.

The desires of our hearts... Lord.. visit us in the intimate places of who we are.. and speak a word that changes our world forever... Commune with us in the places no ones sees or knows... but You. God complete us and add to us and answer us in those deep places. Father, we are waiting on ONLY You.

Thank You Jesus.
For everything..
Thank You Holy Spirit..
For everything..

The air is thick in the spirit today with You.. Full and thick and ready to spring forth something of amazing LIFE in us this day. Lord.. You ARE a passionate and caring and attentive God.

Powerful in ALL Your Ways...
Complete in ALL Your actions on our behalf.

Today.. we give it all.
Believe it all.
And trust You with it all.

Healed from head to toe.
Eyes fixed on You.

We praise You this day. Change us more into Your image.
Father.. YOU are SO MUCH LOVE.
Whew... so much LOVE..

We bask in your love today.

We have Power, Authority, Love and a Sound Mind.

Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things. amen...

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer