Lets Pray Together on today....​​​​​

Father God... You have given us a beautiful day....and right on the heels of a peaceful, breezy evening! Heavenly Daddy... we look out at all of creation and see Your brilliance and handiwork on display. You are Most Amazing. Father... we shout out Your Praises in a world that denies You even exist.
How can this be?... We understand the deception of satan to corrupt the minds of Your most prized creation!--- Humanity...
Oh how You love us! Oh, the great and mighty plans You had in mind before You formed us.
Abba Daddy?--- We love You so much.
We honor YOU ..on today, as the Supreme Example of One Who gave His Life. You did the very thing we so desperately needed above ANYTHING... You purchased our Freedom!
We are Free through You in every way a person CAN be Free.
Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically...
When our life.... is surrendered to You--- we partake of the sweetest thing ever done for another.

Now Father... on today.... wrap Your Love around hurting hearts. As we think on amazing loved ones who have served the cause of freedom with their lives... our insides burst with thankfulness and understanding.
Comfort those grieving the loss of cherished family members and dear friends.
Strengthen the hearts and minds of those with loved ones in active duty right now...
Encourage those also today, Father God.... who wake and reminisce of their duty and time given. Refresh them, and remind them how thankful folks are for them.

Father.... drench our world--- in the knowledge of You through the mouths and work and tireless efforts of those committed without fail to spreading Your Word to the 4-corners of this earth.
Lord... strengthen hearts. Equip minds. Heal tired feet and hands. Open doors. Bless finances. Give great Peace... and Pave the way for those who are so faithful ... to You on today.

Protect each one today who is passing this way to pray this prayer together. May time spent together be so sweet, and laughter be in abundance. Refresh and Renew. Equip and Strengthen in a mighty way today.
Provide food, and dear fellowship.... and wisdom.
Protect all who will be traveling.

Touch our President and Vice President on today... and their families. Father... stamina and a sound mind--- we speak it forth right now, in Jesus Name.
Father...reveal Your Truth to the world. Focus our Spirits and Minds to pray as we ought, and give us hearts of understanding! Reveal to us all things.
We thank the Holy Spirit for His Glorious Guidance and Council in all things

Touch our young people in the days ahead. Bring alongside them wise support and wisdom from those on assignment from You... in their lives.
Promote. Advance. Reveal. Protect....

Thank You for rebuking the devourer for our sake.
Thank You that in YOU there is Eternal Freedom!
We Praise You for Right Standing with You through Jesus Christ.
We Praise You... that ALL weapons of the enemy are destroyed... and we are NOT slaves anymore to sin!

We march Above today and never beneath.
We are Ambassadors in this world of ... a better way.
Your Way. For You Are... The Way, Truth, and Life.

Daddy.... we love you on today.
Its in Jesus Name that we pray and believe all these things...

Love you all today..
Have an amazing day.

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer



Good Morning! What a beautiful day God gave us!
I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you while I am doing my morning study in the Word of God...
Im in the book of Nehemiah on today....

Nehemiah was definitely Gods man! No matter how many times you study concerning his actions in a time of great distress and turmoil... you ALWAYS get fresh revelation and boldness from his dedication and actions!
Keep in mind Nehemiah was a servant of God... who worked for a worldly king. He had a job to do just like all of us, both FOR God... WHILE he put bread on his families table.
One day....one of his brothers in the Lord came to chat with him, and Nehemiah asked him how Gods people were doing in the 'rebuilding' and "reassembling" back in Jerusalem after being freed from their captivity in Babylon.
His brother tells him honestly... 'Not good at all, bro.'
Gods people were in distress, great affliction, and reproach.
Their walls were STILL broken down, and things were trashed and in ruins from fire.

And I LOVE what this man of God does FIRST in EVERY part of this situation.....
Neh. 1:4 says... "And it came to pass when I heard these words, that I sat down, and wept, and mourned certain days, and I fasted and prayed before the Lord of Heaven."
Wow. Right there. He's not playing. He is overcome with the weight of the condition of Gods kids. He retreats away TO PRAY, TO WEEP, to MOURN, to FAST, and to PRAY.
Why?-- so THAT he would be in a humble and surrendered position before God, able to hear and receive FROM God what HE was to DO about the situation.
He prayed night and day unceasingly ( verse 6)
He confessed the sins of Gods people and his own lack of attention on matters before this time!
He admitted that Gods own people had dealt very 'corruptly' against God. Not keeping Gods commandments as they should.
Then... Nehemiah doesnt STOP there.

When he goes to his "boss" to do his usual job (he was a cup-bearer for the king)-- he doesnt hide his sorrow over the situation of Gods people, his brothers and sisters, and what is being done among and against them.
His boss says, I can see that you are sad. And Nehemiah tells him why.
And WHEN the King asked Nehemiah what he wants, or requests...NOTICE AGAIN what he does FIRST..
Neh. 1:4 " Then the king said unto me, For what dost thou make request? So I PRAYED to the God of Heaven.... (verse 5) " And (THEN) I said unto the king, if it please (you) and if thy servant have found favour in thy sight.. (and I paraphrase right here)--- send me to my people SO THAT I may REBUILD.

First, He prayed to God.
Second, He "said" what needed to be said.
Third, He rebuilt.
Listen... Nehemiah prayed FOUR months continually over the situation.... in order to be right with God, hear right from God, and get the right instructions FROM God concerning what he, himself would do.
And it "PLEASED" the king to allow Nehemiah whatever TIME he needed to be away from his "job" in order to DO the job he needed to do for God.
And not only that... but his boss gave him "letters" to present to all the 'governors' --the Bible says, in all the places that Nehemiah would travel through... Letters of favor, request, permission, protection, and order--- to 'do for' and 'GIVE to' Nehemiah whatever he needed... on his way to get done what he was doing FOR GOD! Wow! Exceptional!
Listen... that is "favor with God and man"--JUST as God says He will give us.. when our focus is to please God and obey God FIRST.
Notice who was serving who here. Gods desires were being served and aided ... by governors and leaders in the lands, rather than the other way around! Oh Come on now!

Nehemiah is SUCH a great example to us on today.
And under his leadership?--- it took just 52 days, despite all the opposition from Gods enemies... to build many miles of wall, 9 feet thick all the way around!
And Gods people of ALL sorts got involved in the Rebuilding.
The list of folks stated in the Bible is beautiful to me!
Its speaks of priests, and perfumers; goldsmiths and merchants; rulers and moms and dads... EVERYONE working TOGETHER as one... WITH NO stigmas of "who is more important than who".. and who should do 'that kind of work" and who shouldnt... and who was working side-by side with who.
I really am grieved that we dont see that.... on today.... among Gods people to the degree that we SHOULD be seeing that.
People worked hard on areas near there own homes... faithfully. Every believer got involved. No one sat and left it up 'to others to do"....
What a beautiful thing.
Sooo many lessons to NOT JUST be recognized here as I study in the book of Nehemiah on today...
But lessons to be RESPONDED to.
Recognized. Responded to. Learned from. And then applied in our own lives.... concerning where WE ourselves are AT... as believers on today in the current situations we are living in.

Prayer. Repentance. Submission. Action. Rebuilding.
All... Gods people Working TOGETHER on Gods... desires.

Just wanted to share some thoughts as I was studying on this morning...
I love you all so much..
Have a blessed day...
Sis Kim:)