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        Heart To Heart


​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

Father God... You are so Great.
When we look around us every day, and see the Mighty and Majestic work of Your Hands--- we Marvel and Praise You and Glorify You!
No one is like You! All that You have created is spectacular.
You are Brilliant and Worthy to be Praised on today!
Now Father... we are asking for Your guidance and Presence all the day long! Yes, Your instruction, Wisdom and Discernment.
And we know that we have it!
We are asking once again for Your Protection over our minds, bodies, homes, and families. Thank You for Your leading and inspiration on our jobs and in the middle of all of our pursuits and responsibilities.
Teach us... on today, to be better stewards of our minds, our time, and our energies. Yes, we want to be more sensitive to You Holy Spirit each step of the way on today.
And we are standing upon Your Word Abba Father in a STRONG way! We are good students and pupils of Your words and statutes. Yes! We guard the Trust given unto us.
We understand also that we have been 'given the ministry of reconciliation'... We are seed planters. And we are Truth bringers. We are not going to be compromisers on today, or lazy concerning the task. Time is short. And we want to be faithful laborers in Your Vineyard. We are redeeming the time on today.
All weapons of the enemy... we take DOWN right now by the Blood of the Lamb and the Mighty Word of Our Testimony.
We say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.... and we take back even all that has been stolen from us by the wicked one.!AMEN.
Things rightly ours... those in the heritage of the saints of You, Father God--- we grab ahold and take those BACK!
That land. That time. That favor.
That health. That Peace. That Prosperity.
That Promised thing that due to our own slack, we allowed the enemy to lay ahold of for a time..
We are vigilant Warriors for You, and we WILL walk in all that You have Promised us, and purchased for us on Calvary.
Ohhhh Precious are You dear Jesus.
Precious are You, dear Holy Spirit.
Precious and Great are You, Father God.
And we exhalt You on today.
We shout OUT that our children are protected and blessed and healed and focused... right now. That they WALK as Kingdom Kids with AUTHORITY over all the nonsense of the enemy in this world... And the Peace that passes all understanding is in their hearts and minds right now.
We stand and believe this for or grandchildren as well...
Now... we walk a sure path.
Our minds are strong. Our bodies are strong. Our traveling is protected. Our way is straight. Our homes are guarded by a hundred warring angels. Your ministry in us IS BLOSSOMING.
We hear.... You. Your great ideas. Your unction. Your warnings. And Your admonitions... "to walk IN this Way that I have already PREPARED.... for you."
We cut ties that need it. We step out where You are asking.
We keep control of our own affairs and minds.
We are ready ... to fly!
Amen... ready to fly.
Its in Jesus Mighty Name, we pray all this and have ALL the Victory..... in Jesus Name amen.
Love you all
Sis Kim:)