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Let me share on today....​​​​​

I woke from a dream this morning.. in which God showed me a Garden... ‘ His’ Garden. ( and I began writing as fast as I could! )... He showed me every variety of flower, tree, animal and.. people. Each ‘creature’ reproduced after their own kind. Seeds from each thing, whether animal or plant life ( or bug lol) planted seeds so that what God created ... continued.
Then.. a great storm came. Wicked winds. Treacherous hail. Pelting rain and damaging lightening. And all the creatures hid and waited. The creatures dug down deep into shelters. The flowers closed up their blooms and all protected what God created.
All... except the humans.
While the storm raged... all the people began to thrash about, ripping up defenseless flowers, killing animals and tearing down trees and landscapes. They slashed and bit each other. Their faces were contorted and ugly looking. Their hands did wicked things. Their deeds were damaging. Their actions.. permanently altering Gods Garden.
And as the storm subsided.. humanity had turned ‘ inside out!’ And now they walked with their ‘ innards’ exposed! ( for lack of a better way to say it ) Then... they began to reproduce.. and I saw that the “seeds” they were planting... were NOT Gods. They planted what was wicked, and treacherous and damaging and evil. All the while... all the other creatures began again to produce seed and plant also.. all the trees and flowers and animals and birds.
And God said, “ Watch how they sow, reproduce and reap... after the kind I created. All except... the Humans. Now, see that humanity is the only one of my creation.. planting seeds opposite My.. kind. Different from what I commanded. After... another. Planting no good seed. Nor protecting My seed in them and My creation when the storms came. Devouring one another. Inflicting evil. Bad seed now.. reproducing after ITS... own kind.
Never learning. Not sheltering what I placed in them. And when I pass by... and see that while they boast of their fancy foliage... there is rottenness within. The seed is corrupted, they bear no fruit. And so I, the Master of My Own Garden ... must pull up that which is not of Me.
Each storm that comes... reveals more division and distinction between those... reproducing after Gods kind... and those after... another.
Which ... are we?
Are you Gods?
Or are you the worlds?

( what... a dream.) A dream God gave that was reality displayed. )
L♥️VE you all.
Keep the Main Message , The Main Message.
Sis Kimberly Ann 🌸

Abba Father... thank You for Your Peace on today! For right standing with You, through the sacrifice and victory of Jesus Christ upon the cross.
Father... You are Wisdom and Revelation
You are Truth and Discernment.
You are Guidance, Direction and Solid Footing.
We Praise You on today as the onslaughts against Your Righteousness and Truth simply reveal the "Truth of the spiritual Timeline" we are on.
Father... we set Your Word as the "lens" by which we view all things. We place the Holy Spirit at the entrance to the "gate of our ears" on today... so that ALL that comes to us on today will FIRST pass through His Wisdom and Council, Correction, and Truth.
Ohh.... what a faithful God You are.
We hold high Your people, Father. That they would not fall to temptation or deception in their crucial moments. We pray protection over minds and hearts. That Your Word would be the standard and final say in all that they stand up for and believe.
Continue applying Your Fire to the feet of Your servants so that our steps would be cleansed and sanctified to walk in righteousness and in Truth.
Give True Revelation concerning... "The Gospel of Peace"... and strengthen those who are bold in proclaiming the only standard BY which we ARE back IN a Peaceful Relationship with You.
satan has so cleverly veiled the minds and covered the ears of those who are now faltering in their believing....
In our own lives.. and the lives of our children and family, we tear DOWN all strongholds and "high places" that have exalted themselves AGAINST the knowledge of You.
We tear DOWN the "brazen altars" of "feelings" and arrogance and offences; Of anger, and false doctrine, and selfishness and pride.
Father.. we submit our hearts to You on today... and THEN we CAN resist the devil and he WILL flee.
Thank You for the freedom to choose righteousness at every moment.
Father... we patiently love on those and pray deeply for the clear vision and open ears of those in great delusion on today.
Father.... it was those filled with the spirit of error, and the god of this world...... Who called Your own Son...... Beelzeabub...
Lord... our hearts cry out for True Oneness of the Church! And?--- for the repentance and surrender to You of the unbeliever... so lost in the clever deception of the enemy.
But God?--- You are good. You provide every open door and prompting; each nudge and confrontation; every Word of Your Truth to come to them.... so that... they might choose Who they will believe.
Our hearts are full today with the commission to continue teaching and preaching and sharing ... YOU.
Now... We proclaim that ALL weapons of the enemy are cancelled in our lives. We know that he fashiones them every minute of the day.
And we ALSO know that You dash them to a million pieces in defeat--for those who believe In Your Power, and Word and Righteousness.
We pray right now for our President and Vice President.... as they minute-by-minute.. are bombarded with the difficulties that their position in this world requires of them. God.... bathe them in Your Wisdom and Direction and Guidance right now... in Jesus Name.
Rise up leaders from YOU in our cities and towns and recreational centers and sub-burbs, Father-- that establish right programs of change and effective progress AS they themselves have established and built themselves AND their ideas ONLY upon the solid Rock of Jesus Christ...
Father... healed from head to toe. Protected in our minds and hearts as we share on social media. Accountable to You for our Words and the condition of our hearts! And OUT of the heart, the mouth speaks! Glory to Your Name Father.
Increase our effectiveness as Salt and Light.
Encourage the hurting.
Lift up the elderly.
Touch our youth .
Its in Jesus Name we proclaim ALL Victory through You in all things on today.
We pray this all in Jesus Name amen.
Love you all
Sis Kimberly