​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart


                          HEART TO HEART ENCOURAGEMENT

Good Morning..
You are Powerful in Christ because He lives in You.
You are Healed.
You are Strong.
You are Focused.
You are Delivered.
You are a world Changer.
You are full of Authority because Jesus lives in you.
You are capable, incredible, protected, loved, talented
called, sent, equipped, contagious (in a good way.. :)
You are free.
You are anointed
You are appointed.
You are above, not beneath.
You are the head, not the tail.
You have the sword of the Spirit. USE IT.
You are the Righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus.
You are redeemed.
now..... GO GET THIS DAY....
~Sis Kim:)


                          HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Oh God.... I love You. You are beautiful and strong and righteous and perfect in every way. Father... You are Protector, Provider, Healer, Mender, Defender.... You are every Piece of Wisdom that exists in this world.
Lord... forgive us when we are haughty and arrogant in our perceptions... For God-- YOU ALWAYS.... and YOU ALONE.. are the ONLY GOOD in this world. Mankind will operate in the things and intellect YOU have given, and not stop to give You Praise for it all.
God.. we prostrate ourselves this day.. before Your Holiness and Majesty! Oh How you created us in order to Love us. 
You created us in order to lavish us with Your blessing and favor and position and excellence for eternity.
Father... and You gave us freedom to choose. And when our eyes are open and we inquire of You and ask of You... We DO SEE CLEARLY what is right TO choose.
Father... We choose YOU this day.
Great and Mighty and Tender and Powerful Abba Daddy.... Yes, we choose... YOU.

Now... order up our steps once again today. Lead us into profitable and blessed situations with those who help to increase our learning, and support righteousness and encourage us along difficult paths. Lord.. Your Favor and Direction is with us.
Your Goodness and Mercy follow us.
We proclaim healing now.... RIGHT now, for all those struggling with difficult issues whether mentally, emotionally, relationally or spiritually.
Clean "House" Father... And begin with ours!
With clean hands that only YOU can wash....we do the work that You have called us to in this world that so desperately needs You.
Today.. sharpen our discernment and awareness to opportunities all around us to bring Your Truth, and Love and Wisdom. 
Nothing is by accident. No encounter is by chance.
Father... we are strong and protected and full of Power.. in You this day.
Refresh. Anoint. Establish. Enlarge. Arrange. Bless. Lead. Orchestrate all things in our day to a BETTER outcome than even yesterday. We want to advance in Your purposes and rise up HIGHER in Your Ways and in our "positioning".... mmm. Yes... We are believing for a better position in these last days.

Now.. Dispatch Your warring angels around our minds... our homes.. our children... our families, both natural and spiritual; around our vehicles... our jobs... our physical bodies and all that You have blessed us with.

We repent of selfishness and self-centerdness. We ask forgiveness for closing our ears or hardening our hearts to any of the things of You.
Your Voice... we desire to hear this day.
Ohhhh We love Your Voice. We love Your Ways. We love You.
We want to have amazing times of Love with You allll the day long.. no matter what else we are doing... we WALK IN A RELATIONSHIP of Love with You. You are thrilling...
And we in turn are willing... to surrender our whole hearts and ways and agendas to You today.

All weapons of the enemy are DESTROYED over our lives and our childrens lives right NOW. For WHEN we submit ourselves to You.. and THEN resist the devil... You said HE HAS... to flee.
And so he does. For it--is--written.
Oh, we are so thankful for Your written and spoken Word.

Now... we declare wisdom and truth and protection over our President. Reward him AS he listens to You and the wise council OF You through others You send his way. Show openly the great effects and reward of standing for righteousness in our nation. Increase his understanding of Your Word. May he hunger for it God...

Wake each of us up in the nigh-times of life.. JUST TO COMMUNE with You.
Now today... straight paths for our feet are before us.
Truth from You is available to us.
Healing is extended before us.
Favor is provided.
Grace is given.
Mercy is available.
Power is attainable...
All... through You.

We say we ARE healed from head to toe.
We say we DO have words of salvation and healing on our lips.
We say we WILL be blessed and full of Joy this day.

Finances and Favor to function and do Your will... from the North South East and West this day.. They ARE ours.... Halleluia...

Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things... amen.

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all this with you