Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart

Many many times over... God has required us to speak a Truth from the Treasure of our Heart... 
And from the quaking and the throbbing of the passion He has placed there... our Voice shakes with the sharing of it.
Let it shake. then. Let it shake.
Just share it. 
Do it today....

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer


Pray together?

Father God... mmmm You are EVERYTHING. Every purpose. Every plan. Every reason for living. You are every starry sky and each wind that touches to tips of the tallest trees. You are bigger than the mountains and more vast than the seas. You go deeper and wider and higher than ANYTHING we will ever know or see... 
Father... that you have created us at ALL... and in such Love and Perfection, is a miracle in itself.
You are the GOD of ... every miracle.

Now Father... Do a Mighty Miracle in our day today as we Praise You. DO the greatest thing ever in our life today... AS we acknowledge You. As we Worship You. As we look to You first in all things. As we lift You High in Praises and Thanksgiving. Your indelible Holy Ear-mark on ALL that is Yours this day.
Raise us up.. and sand us down, if need be.
Call us out... and call us forth into greater and greater and greater things for the Kingdom.
Sharpen our spiritual tools. 
Strengthen our giftings.
Father... that the NEXT time... the VERY next time we Sing or Write or Dance or Speak or Expound or Serve in whatever capacity You have for us to... that we would DO in such a way as we never have before.
Father.. all of You, and none of us.
We pray that Your anointing and Presence be so strong... that folks cant even SEE us anymore, only the Glory cloud of Your Presence and the Signs that You are Center Stage. 
May people remember YOUR name and not ours.
Your Word and not ours.
Your vision. Your instructions. Your wills and way.
Do that today Father.

May burdens drop off and Deliverance come.
May bodies surrender and Healing come.
May spirits bow low and REALLY live and rise up to DO and BE the very thing You are asking Father.

We DO proclaim that our families and children are Blessed and Anointed this day. Clear away the cobwebs. Clean out the corners. Move things around that need to be. Highlight and point out those things that need our attention.. right now, Abba Father.
All weapons of the enemy over our children and families are CANCELLED RIGHT NOW. In Jesus Name... they are all cancelled.
The devil IS.... under our feet.
May we do the work of 'spiritual and mental and emotional housecleaning'.. and then DO the 'work of an evangelist' as Paul had admonished Timothy.
We let timidity go.
We deal pride and selfishness a blow.

Speak into the life of our President this day as we lift him high in our prayers of faith. DO all that you have EVER desired to do in his life, Father. Shut the mouthes of the lions that would devour before the time has come. Silence those those perpetrate lies from every corner. Give people wisdom to understand sources and agendas and falsehoods. Father.. YOUR people ought to be a people of discernment and wisdom.
Father.. we receive Your Wisdom this day.

Bring the rains Father... brings the rains this day.
Wash away all that needs to go.
Shine brightly in our day.

Healed.... we proclaim it now... For YOU could come today! Healed then.. in every way in preparation for our King.
Our King is Coming.. Oh our King is Coming... I can hear the Trumpet Sounding.. and Now Your Face we see...
Yes.. Father.. You are coming..

Glory to Your Holy Name.

Its in Jesus Name we lift high the lost, the homeless, the destitute and the hurting.. We speak wisdom into prodigals, and conviction into the proud and stubborn in their sins.
Lord.. draw them to You.. through your servants this day.

Its in Jesus Name we pray and petition and believe ALL these things.
Sure Victory is OURS this day. Yes, THIS day.

I love you 
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you