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​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer



                          HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Father God... Oh how much we love You and Need You and DESIRE to be in Your Presence all the day long today!
Abba Daddy... You are wonderful and miraculous and merciful and righteous altogether.
Lord... there are days, we feel as though we walk right into the 'lions den' of life... surrounded by things and folks and activities that are so contrary to You and Your Ways...
Father... strengthen us RIGHT NOW.. to focus ONLY on You.
Protect our minds and hearts this day, from the onslaught of evil influence, stress, chaos, hidden agendas and perversions of any kind. 
We will not be ignorant this day of satans devices.. And... we have a KING.... Who is Above all and Aware of it all.. and VICTORIOUS over it all. God.. we submit to You each minute. Each motive. Each word. Each thought. Each desire. Each aching of our hearts! Each 'mission' and moment. Every action and reaction. Every goal and dream and step and attempt.
Father.. Open a door to freedom today for our gifts and callings and Godly desires and pursuits. 
Release us from the stranglehold of anything that is holding us back or pushing us down.
We want our time to be yours and our efforts to count for Kingdom purposes...

HEALED in all aspects of our being this day.
Head to toe... we are saturated in You and surrounded by You this day. Our eyes... are on You. Our minds... are on You. Our passion is on You and Your purpose for us this day.

We declare that satan is defeated in our lives and the lives of our children and grand-children... Both those born and yet unborn... Halleluia.... Father... We dwell in Your secret place this day... and so we are surrounded and we abide in the shadow of Your Mighty Protection and Wings.
Stop the mouth of the evil one before he breathes even one breath or word in our direction.
We are hid in You. We submit ourselves to You; we resist the enemy and so he HAS to flee.
Glory to Your great name.
Our cars are protected as we drive.
Our bank accounts increase as we put our hands to the plow today.
May every phone call and attempt in the right direction this day... be saturated in Your favor. And we DO believe that blessings are lining up and knocking on our door... Father... release things from the four corners and winds of this earth that will begin to come today... Lord, we know time is short. We want to be most effective and prosperous in this last of the last days.

Oh Lord.... You are so sweet and special in our lives.
We LOVE You and look to You for all things.

Protect and lead expertly our President and Vice President this day. Have their minds, decisions and actions safely in Your Hand today. Show Yourself so excellent through what You accomplish in the days straight up ahead and show Your glory in all that has been taking place up to this point. Breathe Your Holy Fire.... Saturate right now. And we claim both families for the Kingdom... each member..
Touch our nation as never before... Do it Father.
And send us forth on assignment.
Bless families who are being persecuted right now for Your name sake... both oversees and in our very own country.

Lord... bring messengers of salvation to those of high view and notoriety that have such a big voice in our nation... Lord, they are using their gifts and influence ONLY GIVEN BY YOU.... and placed in them, for their own glory and gain and agenda.
Father.. may they bow their hearts to You.
And we pray this same thing for companies and places and districts where we work and participate and vacate.

Put eternal purpose forever in our hearts.
Instruct. Teach. Guide. Convict. Encourage.
May Your Power do all things through us necessary this day.

And GOD.... how we need Your Peace in our days! Wow.. Bring us rest and peace in the middle of everything. Focus. Vision. Confidence... BOLDNESS. And balance.
All ours... in Jesus Name

Healed from head to toe.
Released to be witnesses on social media, on our jobs, in our families.. and beyond... to our cities, and states, and nation and world!
Open a door SO wide we HAVE to walk through it .. right NOW.

Bless each one praying along today
And its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things... 

I love you
I believe in you
and I pray all this with you