Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart

​Heart To Heart Daily Prayer

Morning all... Love you. 
Lets pray.
Father God... we just thank You for this beautiful day. Lord... there are so MANY crazy things and pressures and bitterness's happening in our nation and our world right now.
Father...we want to wake each day and highlight Your Power, Your Goodness, You Mercy, Love... and Amazing Beauty.
We know that this life is not forever.. And we are preparing our hearts and spirits to meet You Face to face one amazing day very, very soon.
We Praise You for the eternity planned for us before the very foundation of the world... The splendors and wonders You have for us for an eternity!
Today... we lay at Your feet, our disappointments and upsets.
Our hurts, trials and pains. Our many questions and irritations.
Father... the betrayals and abuses... The let downs and turn downs that have been a part of the fabric of our days.
Abba Daddy... thank You for making something sooo beautiful of our lives. We DO have great days ahead!
We have amazing things yet to accomplish!
Big doors to walk through and incredible life changes just up ahead..
We want to walk with courage through those news doors, and down those different paths and avenues that will lead to world-changing situations and advancements in You.
We are not settling for a mediocre life! 
We will NOT sit down by the curb of our potential and settle on the fact that all that has been is all there IS! No!
We want everything and all the greatness You have ever planned for us! We want to continue to reach, and grow and achieve and become!
We have beautiful wings YET to form in our lives that will allow us to fly and soar to greater places and among greater things.
Help us this day.. to do this.
Bless our families and friends... those in person AND those we know on our social media outlets... Bless them with Your amazing Presence and Power.
Protect each one as they travel and go about their day today.
We demolish all plots, tricks and plans of the enemy for our destruction and confusion.
Our lives are NOT his play thing to do as he pleases.
Our children are NOT his to confuse and steal from.
All weapons of the enemy are cancelled RIGHT now... this very day, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
We lift up our families to you... our precious children and grandchildren... that they would KNOW You in the deepest way and give their lives to You to accomplish incredible things, reach the most amazing dreams, and change their world..for Your sake.
And we give You all the Glory for this...Halleluia.
Protect, Lead and Guide our President this day with clarity, wisdom and tenaciousness. We thank You for Your great plans through his Presidency.
Healed, we are from tip to toe. Not one hurt, need or pain is left untouched by You, Father.
We WILL thrive and grow and advance today.
We WILL hear from You and be impacted in a way that changes us forever.
We DO have the mind of Christ. 
We ARE filled with Power, Love and a Sound Mind.
We love this beautiful day. Help us to see something very amazing this day... that we have never seen before.
Something great. Something so wonderful.
We live Above and not beneath. The head and not the tail.
Seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Far Above all Principality and Power.
We embrace what is next. Excited to step into greatness.
Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe all these things.
I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you
Kimberly Ann Bonds:)