HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Father.... sanctify and refine us on today. Fill us with Your Presence and Your Wisdom. Lord... lead, guide, convict, confront, bless, encourage.... teach us from Your Word on today so that we might gain even all the MORE.... understanding of You and Your ways and Your desires for us.
God... we--serve--YOU. NOT a million other things... Not a million other people.... Not a million other desires and plans and pursuits. NO... We... serve YOU.
And Father... ALL Your Ways and all the things that YOU HAVE desired that we do and be are the ones that ARE BLESSED.
Thank You Father... for Your Blessing on today..

Believing for each person who is reading and praying along right now... to have a fresh FIRE on their insides from The Holy Spirit.
That their understanding would be increased.
That their mind would be strong and solid and focused on You.
That their desires.. would be the very ones that You have established for them.
No more compromise. No more lackadaisical attitudes.
No more doubt.
No more negative talk.
No more gossip.
No more cantankerous living...
Father.... believing for a fresh following of You and for newness in their lives. For an incredible desire for righteousness and holiness and purity ... Glory to Your Name.

Now... inspire our children on today in all of their ways and studies and pursuits; in all of their wishes and prayers and projects. God--- lead them deeper and deeper into you.
Healed from head to toe. ALL weapons of the enemy dashed to the ground in their lives.
They are LEADERS and WORSHIPERS... and EVANGELISTS and TEACHERS and PREACHERS... They are disciples of You who love you first and find all their fulfillment in You.
I speak to families who are lost... Father.. bring salvation to the home by whatever means and messenger You can... My heart cries out for homes in which the parents are NOT teaching their children and grandchildren about You and digging into Your truths and words together.
Lord... bring revival to homes... Do it now.. in Jesus Name.

And we THANK YOU ... for Your Plan for Your Son to bring Salvation to this world
Paid the penalty that was against us for the sin nature.
And destroyed sins very dominion over us.
We are now seated at Your right Hand in the spirit WITH Christ Jesus... all because He said YES.. to You.

And so WE say YES to You on today as well... right now.. in all of our ways.
We love you.

We have confidence in what You and You alone are doing in our nation and through the proceedings happening... YOU are exposing corruptions.... and NOT in the way many who oppose our President might suppose. Reveal. Have Your Way. You are King... bring the unrighteous to their knees... Show forth Your Truth and Majesty and Power..

Healed in every part of our being. We line up our words today WITH YOUR HOLY WORD ... and we declare what YOU have already said about us and all around us.
We want to say what You say. We want to DO .. what You would have us to do.

Bring revival to Your church. Stir the fire. Speak. Challenge. Convict and Purify the plans and desires of ... Your body.
The church needs direction, fire, anointing, wisdom, real service to the community and the MEAT of the Word.. The MEAT of Your message to Your body right now.
Man made and directed programs and busyness is NOT accomplishing what You desire in our world.
Sigh... Father... Make us Fishers of Men. Anointed. Full of Your Boldness and Fire... Strong in the Word... and in our callings from You.

We want to be busy for YOU... not just busy for the sake of "being busy"---
God.. refine Your people.

We receive direction and Joy on today.
Protect us on our jobs and on social media.. in all that we do may we honor You.

Healed from crown to foot.
Its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray all these things.

I love you
I believe in you
I pray all this with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart

by Max Lucado

John the Baptist would never get hired today. No church would touch him. He was a public relations disaster.

Mark 1:6 says he “wore clothes of camel’s hair and ate locusts and wild honey.”

His message was as rough as his dress. A no-nonsense, bare-fisted challenge to repent because God was on His way. No, John’s style wasn’t smooth. He made few friends and lots of enemies, but what do you know? He made hundreds of converts. How do you explain it? It certainly wasn’t his charisma, nor his money or position—for he had neither. Then what did he have? One word: Holiness.

Holiness seeks to be like God. You want to make a difference in your world? Live a holy life. Be faithful to your spouse. Pay your bills. Be the employee who does the work and doesn’t complain. Don’t speak one message and live another! Just be God in your world.

“…as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” (I Peter 1:15-16)

From A Gentle Thunder