HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Dear sweet Heavenly Father..
Gracious and Merciful One.
Lover of our souls and Giver of all Life..
Oh.. How we Praise You!
You didnt have to make us, but You did.
You created for us a destiny and blessings and bountifulness
and beauty. Oh, Father.. for all things to be as You would have them to be... we SO long for that Abba Father..
We long for... You.
Thank You for meeting us where we are today...
We receive Your Love and Deliverance and Power and Direction and Peace... For You ARE ... our Great Prince of Peace.

Today... we take new steps in boldness and courage.
Today... we see PAST the mighty mountains in our way.. and we SEE the New Land You have Promised to us and our children.
Today... we let go of all destructive patterns and negative ways of thinking.
Today... we take charge of our OWN relationship with You, Father.. that is not built or based on anyone elses opinion of us or actions toward us or ill-will concerning us or gossip about us or ANY affect be it good OR bad, with right intentions OR NOT.... lORD--- THERE IS. only ONE Who is at the center of ALL strength and victory and praise in our lives... and it is YOU-- OH FATHER... IT IS YOU.
A thousand MAY fall at our right hand.... but God--- all Glory belongs to You.
We place before You once again... every gift, talent, calling and strength.
We cast onto You every burden and problem and hurt and challenge.
Each question of our heart... is answered by You.
You are the sweet melody deep in our hearts...

We saturate our minds today in Your Word and Truths so that we might correctly divide each piece of information and make each right decision and act on each thing that comes to us today in a proper way..
Oh Father. .. We glorify You for Your Presence in our lives and Your expert leading in all things...

Now... bless our children and protect them as You always do.
Increase their wisdom in You. Pull out of them the mighty gifts and callings that are uniquely theirs.
ALL weapons of the enemy fashioned against them are all cancelled. They are safe and good and nestled in Your bosom.

We cast down ALL imaginations and high things that try to exalt themselves above You today.
We will manage our time well. And treat our co-workers well. We will reach out more and fret less.
We will believe bigger and hesitate less.
All belongs to You.

Protect, Guide and Inspire our President and Vice President this day. In all they do and say and decide ... refine them Father... be their instructor and strength.
DO such a great thing in this nation before Your sons return such as we have never seen before.
May You be glorified in all things.

Protect our travels. 
Increase our favor.
Bless our finances.
Free up our time for more of You.
Strengthen and saturate marriages.
Propel folks into their callings.
Deliver the bound.
Heal the sick.
Save the lost.
Heal the broken-hearted this day.

Inspire the elderly.
Quicken all spirits.
Bless the work of O-our hands that You have given us to do....
We proclaim all VICTORY and BLESSING in our homes and lives THIS day.

And its in Jesus Mighty Name that we pray and believe for all these things.

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer


Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart