by Max Lucado

John the Baptist would never get hired today. No church would touch him. He was a public relations disaster.

Mark 1:6 says he “wore clothes of camel’s hair and ate locusts and wild honey.”

His message was as rough as his dress. A no-nonsense, bare-fisted challenge to repent because God was on His way. No, John’s style wasn’t smooth. He made few friends and lots of enemies, but what do you know? He made hundreds of converts. How do you explain it? It certainly wasn’t his charisma, nor his money or position—for he had neither. Then what did he have? One word: Holiness.

Holiness seeks to be like God. You want to make a difference in your world? Live a holy life. Be faithful to your spouse. Pay your bills. Be the employee who does the work and doesn’t complain. Don’t speak one message and live another! Just be God in your world.

“…as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.” (I Peter 1:15-16)

From A Gentle Thunder



                          HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

​​Dear Heavenly Father....
Righteous... Perfect.... All Powerful and All Knowing... Excellent in all Your Ways and in Control--- we come to You on today simply magnifying Your Great Name.
There is none other on our lips that gets Your Glory.
No other one we point to and give allegiance to.
No other captures our attention and leaves us breathless and in awe... but You.
Father... forgive us for self-glory... self-contentedness and idol worship if it at ALL has been named once among us.
NO ONE is great but You.
NO one is genius but You.
NO ones name deserves to be called out or praised... but YOURS.
We can only say... HERE... LOOK AT GOD. SEE HOW GREAT... HE IS.
Yes, we praise You on today.

We are standing upon Your Word concerning all things this day.
We hand over all our plans and purposes and thoughts.
We give You all cares, burdens, and heavy loads.
Today we are simply FREE in You.
We are Victorious and Strong... only in You.
We are Overcomers because of You.
All weapons of the enemy... really ARE... ALL ... ALREADY defeated... hahah! This makes us laugh and rejoice within us. Yes it does! That You are in control of all things.... yet the enemy believes he is. Oh Father-- send the evil one continually a strong derision...
Father... bring forth Your Truth and Light through our lives on today. For we ARE the Salt and the Light of You in this world.
We are here to point to You and see that You get the Glory.

Thank You for blessing and protecting our children... according to Your will and Your Word.
We cancel all the enemies words, plots and plans.. in Jesus Name.

Thank You for strengthening our President and or country .. yes BECAUSE of what it is going through right now! The labor pains of this current thing... are bringing about A GREATER thing. And we give You Glory. Thank You... We are excited to watch YOU work in ALL of this.... You already HAVE.Its already done.

We thank You for safety as we drive and food as we go throughout our day.. sustenance, joy, healing, accomplishment and favor... everywhere we go... FOR You and BECAUSE of You.

Now.. to YOU belongs all the Glory. And we give it TO You Abba Father..

Healed from head to toe and ready to go.

Its in Jesus Name we pray it.... amen.

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all this with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer

Kimberly Ann Ministries      

        Heart To Heart