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        Heart To Heart


​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer


Father God... Magestic in ALL Your Ways.. We LOVE You.
Our pleasure, is to serve You.
For IF we were still setting ourselves to "please man" we would NOT "be pleasing You." You admonished us that in Your Word... For the things of man are self-centered. The things of mankind are based on self, and opinion and emotion, and self-preservation of flesh things! So MANY there be who do NOT understand the things of Your Spirit.
Father... we know for sure, that the flesh CANNOT receive the things of Your Spirit
Father... TODAY-- we stand strong and tall in the council of Your Holy Spirit. You.. are all we want. You.. Abba Daddy?-- are all
I.. want.
God.. I want You. I want You. I love... You.
My pleasure is to DO those things that are pleasing to You.
My pleasure is to SAY those things that have been unctioned and ordained of You. And my example is Jesus. He said things that were hard for the flesh ears to hear. And indeed, many there were who would NOT receive.
Ohhh. Jesus, thank You for being our balanced.... example. Your entire will... was to match up all You did and said with the Will of the Father. Advancing His Kingdom. Bringing His Truth. Warnings and Admonitions and Encouragements and Wisdom and Understanding and Mercy..... straight to the Cross, Jesus.... Straight to the Cross.
Ohhh.. our eyes are ONLY on You.
Our ears.... are ONLY listening to You.
Our lives... are poured out as an offering... TO YOU.
None other Father. None other. And IF we are pleasing You? Then we are doing all that we should.
God... take and break and re-make all in our lives that is of need. Refocus our vision. Remove things that need it, God... and may WE do the work of pruning ourselves where there are weeds and distractions and pre-occupatons and PETTY things.... We see the Plumb-line Father God which is You.
And we line ourselves up with NO other agenda or calling or standard.
Your Word... is our desire.
Your Word is the Way.
You... are The Way. You are the Light. You are the Truth.
Outside of You... there IS no other.
Oh... Thank You today for Your sweet Peace that passes all understanding.

Right now... we lift up our nation to You. That You would grant us more years where righteousness can be exhalted and Your people have freedom to teach and preach and declare Your Word and Righteous Statutes... God... more time for babies to be saved! And for those evangelists and painters and teachers and musicians and communicators and prophets and care givers and world changers to LIVE... and NOT die at the hands of man who reaches IN to the secret place where they are formed and rips them from their God-given destiny!
Oh... Father... we repent FOR NOT redeeming the time more correctly as we should.
And God... I pray for Your Remnant that has the FIRE of the Holy Spirit BLAZING on the inside of them! They look strange to the world and strange even to casual and worldly believers who have moved away from their first love.

Oh Father... bring the back-sliden and the falling back to You.
Thank You for equipping Your saints for the works that faithful service does.
And touch in a Mighty Way our President. Complete ALL that You created him to DO in this life. Yes Give great guidance, strength and protection. Great wisdom and leading and boldness. A boldness that may rub many a certain way. And just as ALL that You use do.... may he continue. We place him before You for the completion of all You have desired.
Touch his heart. Lift him high above the fray and the calamity.

We cast down imaginations and every high thing that tries to exalt itself against the knowledge and wisdom of You.
We destroy all the weapons fashioned and formed against us by the enemy of our lives.
Yes... we are Victorious in all things.
We have on the breastplate of righteousness and our feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.
The sword of the Spirit is right now in our hands.
And the helmet of salvation is firmly in place.
We have on the belt of Your Truth.
And our mouth is ablaze with Your Words only.

Ohhh.. Halleluia
We give You all Praise on today.
We love You God.
We love You Holy Spirit.
We love You Jesus.

We are basking in Your Presence on today.
You and You alone are King forever.
And its in Jesus Name we proclaim healing of our bodies, deliverance to the captive and the salvation of the lost.
In Jesus Name amen.

Love you all