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​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer



                          HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Our intercessors gathered through conference call on this morning to pray in agreement for the body and its individual members...
And I am praying for YOU this morning...
For His Peace.... His Peace in the various areas of battle in your life... Peace that Permeates the toughest thing and the roughest waves... Believing that a calm and a rest comes upon you right now in the middle of whatever you are facing or going through.

I am praying for DELIVERANCE. Deliverance from any and every demonic force that is trying to attach to your mind and emotions and feelings and circumstances.... in Jesus Name.
Believing for FREEDOM from any ties that should be cut and any influences that are wanting to infiltrate to distract and discourage.... in Jesus Name.

I am praying for great resolve and commitment and strength.. in your position with God on today... In your will, your mind, and your spirit. Oh... Im believing that God begins to show You the greater and deeper things that He desires for you and indeed has WAITING for you... if indeed you begin to prostrate your entire self before Him in submission on ALL things.... all things..

And I am praying for a deep cleansing and healing.... in your life... Completely-- in Jesus Name..
Into the "Deep Tissue" of your spirit.... into the "Deep Tissue" of your mind. Into the "Deep Tissue" of your body... Halleluia.
Father... root out right NOW any toxins, triggers, ties, hurts, sicknesses, strongholds and barriers... in Jesus Mighty Name.

And Father... OPEN UP THE FLOODGATES..... right now..
Wooooo... Yes... Open up the Floodgates..
You have much more.... SO MUCH MORE that we can even fathom ... for us.
We want to walk deeper. Believe deeper. Live deeper. Think deeper. Commit deeper. Talk deeper and in line with Your Word.... and love... much deeper.

In Jesus Name.. I believe this for you... Amen
~sis Kimberly:)...