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        Heart To Heart


                           HEART TO HEART DAILY PRAYER

Father... we love You.
Our hearts reach out in honor and praise; in submission and respect; in love and adoration of the One Who has loved us first..
Oh Precious Abba Daddy... knowing our sin and rebellion ahead of time and each wayward step that our feet would take... You CHOSE to breathe life into us anyway... This is just too magnificent for us. This is spectacular and overwhelming in every good way Father. That Your Love extended past every wrong and rebellion; each stain and sin.... 
Thank You for the amazing plan You have for our lives.
We bask today in Your Goodness and Grace.

Our hearts sing a song of sweet melody to You today. We soar on our insides with Freedom and Victory every minute of our day! Oh the Joy in knowing You never leave us or forsake us...
The thrill of eternity lovingly and lavishly planned for us.
Father... You are so good
So Glorious.
So Holy.
So Beautiful.
We Praise You We Praise You.
Glory to Your Holy Name.

Thank You for each thing that has been allowed into our lives to shape us and mature us and mold us and make us! So many things have seemed so hard. But God.... You never allow a thing that will destroy us... but rather only to define us.
Never to crush us... but to equip us.
Never to overwhelm us ... but to under-gird us.
May we today... with open spirits and hearts to You.. truly SEE the great work of You.. in each and every thing placed before us and within us from You.

Father... we submit to the weeding and pruning and cutting away... so that we might be our VERY BEST for You.
Daddy... we give You our hearts desires and our pursuits.
Our plans and relationships.
Our gifts and strengths.
Talents and creativity..
All from You, they have come... and All back to You they will go when once this life is over.
And Father... we want to have managed and used those things rightly and well... to have blessed others and advanced Your Kingdom and been a good example and testimony of You.
We are soooo in love with You. And soooo thankful for all You have done in our lives.

Thank You for waking us up this morning and putting breath in our lungs once again.
We are thankful for our jobs and our loved ones.
For our spouses and our children.

And Father... DO bless those husbands and wives within the marriage partnership. Lord... bring a greater peace and co-operation between couples. Bring a greater and joy and passion in their union. Bring a greater desire and strength to build homes that are centered around You and pleasing to You.

And Bless our children... each step that they take today. Increase their wisdom and strength. Cause them to recognize more clearly their giftings and callings and to use them faithfully each moment for You... more determined than ever... to be used of You in these last days to bring lost souls into the Kingdom.
Whether.. in middle, high school.. or college campuses... Father.. Bless and fulfill Your mighty plans in them

Protect us as we travel today... whether locally or out of state. Give us open ears and eyes to those around us who need to hear Your Word.

All weapons of the enemy ARE cancelled this day. Each trick, plot, and plan of the evil one is now dashed to the ground as we rend those things useless and nothing... because of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ... our Savior, King and Advocate!

Now.. lead and guide completely today.
Strengthen our elderly. Encourage our young
All are healed from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet. We give Glory to You today Abba Daddy in all things.

Its in Jesus Name that we pray and believe all these things.. Amen

I love you
I believe in you
And I pray all these things with you

​Heart To Heart DailyPrayer